Spiritual Harmony & Healing Events reserves the right to accept and decline applications, based on whether or not we feel the person/business would be a harmonious inclusion.

Deposit  of 50% of your stand cost must be paid on receipt of your invoice.  All invoice must be paid in full by 30th june 2018


Upon acceptance of your application, an invoice will be issued to you. You will need to pay 50% of the invoice on receipt of the invoice

All invoice issued must be pain in full by (30 June 2018). After your initial deposit you may make periodical payment if that would suit you . This can be arranged by phoning me on 040 888 1944
Please make a direct deposit to the bank account details shown on your invoice.
For credit card payments  Phone Linda on 040 888 1944


Cancellation of an accepted stall at any stage will incur a 15% administration fee being taken from the refund.

If a stall is cancelled on or after 1st August, we will make every effort to re-book you space, however if we are unable to, you will lose 50% of your payment



All stallholders must have their own exhibitors insurance policy (minimum $10 million).

A copy of your current Certificate of Currency (valid for the period of the Expo) must be emailed to Spiritual Harmony & Healing events WITH your application.

For Exhibitors selling merchandise, you must email confirmation of your Public Liability (minimum $10 million).

For food stall holders, you must provide your food license number (if applicable) and relevant food permit documents along with your Public Liability insurance.


Most of the communication that we will have with you will be via email.   To ensure that our emails don’t end up in your junk folder, please make sure that you save our address – .

If we do not receive a reply after emailing you, we will contact you by phone to confirm our email however this will be a one off occurrence. Please understand that  constantly having to follow up people does take away valuable time that we could be spending on other important arrangements for the Expo.


Please scan and email your signed forms back to us at or mail them to Spiritual Harmony & Healing Events – PO Box 107, Montville  QLD  4560.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Spiritual Harmony and Healing Events – Linda or Barry, directly on 0408 881 944.


Please take a look at the Pricing page for the cost of various stalls.

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